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College Student/Youth Committee:
Living Our Culture!

This program is being evaluated for reinstatement. For those interested,
contact Aileen Alvarado-Swaisgood.

Puerto Rican FlagMission / Goal (circa 2006)

  • TainoThe College Student Youth Committee was formed in 2002 to give college and high school students of Puerto Rican heritage the opportunities to introduce the culture: politics, art, language, history, learn about the traditional Boricua ways and teach others of our modern Puerto Rican lifestyles.
  • We promote higher education and as advocates for college degrees, we raise funds to support theses scholars throughout their endeavors as well as mentor them in their progress.
  • Our main objective consists of a full-length trip to Puerto Rico where we can indulge in the culture, tour historic sites and have fun!!
  • Get our flyer!
  • Casilda Pagan Scholarship Application
Community Service

December NightsDecember Nights

This event is a San Diego tradition on the first weekend of December in which all museums are open and free, food is sold by the international cottages providing home-style cooking from around the world- including a beer garden, carnivals are set-up, the organ pavilion is used for family friendly entertainment, and booths are situated all across the park. The CSYC helps with set-up, take down, cooking and distributing the food (as well as eat it – after 3 hrs. of volunteering). 

December NightsChristmas Gala

HPR holds an annual gala before Christmas for the Puerto Rican community in San Diego. They eat, dance and raffle different Puerto Rican souvenirs. The CSYC helps with security – we stand at the door and check tickets. Generally we receive free admission into the gala for volunteering our time.

Culture Corner

The HPR holds monthly meetings in Balboa Park open to the public. At each meeting they take time at the end to teach something different about our cultura. Generally the elderly body members give their piece about the history, childhood stories, films, military honors, etc. VejigantesSo here is what the CSYC has taught throughout the years with la casa:   -        

  • Chupa Cabra and other myths from la isla By Mary and Ayari        
  • Roberto Clemente and Puerto Rican culture (religion, food, fun facts)       
  • Dia de los NiñosGames for children done every year in April         
  • Cooking lessons By Katheryn and her assistants         
  • Salsa Lessons By Annie given every February

Dia de San Juan

              * 2003 (at Southwestern College) *-         

    • serve food        
    • set-up and take down         
    • pass out information about la casita building project 

              * 2004 (at Admiral Bakersfield) *-        

    • domino tournament       
    • salsa dance competition        
    • kid’s games 

Queen Vianka RestoParade in Montebello

This parade commemorates the Dia de San Juan in north CA         

  • in 2003 we performed and our dance routine won 2nd place        

  • afterward we celebrated by attending the festival for free        

  • since then we march every year behind the HPR banner in pride 

San Diego Latino Film Festivals (SDLFF)

This one week annual event includes films, galas, art exhibits, entertainment in the movie theatre (tango, classic guitar, mariachi, salsa & meringue), interview famous actors/actresses, and       

  • set-up for the festival, literally        

  • meet celebrities (or just flirt with them) including: john leguizamo, wilmer valderrama, local artists, etc.      

  • introduce films and watch them for free        

  • assist volunteer coordinator and sdlff theatre operations manager        

  • volunteer at the galas then dance and enjoy!!!!


(we give1/3 of our profits to la castia fund, 1/3 to the scholarship committee, and keep the last 1/3 to further our goal)          

“Oye Boricua”

The CSYC’s signature fiesta style fundraiser typically involves a day or night where family and friends gather to hear the national anthem along with the PR anthem, listen to music, watch films, learn to dance, participate in a silent art auction, dance, watch dances (bomba, plena, salsa, meringue, afro-Latino, etc.), learn facts about Boricuas, eat home made Puerto Rican food, participate in a domino tournament, play kid’s games, watch a fashion show, and just have fun!! This night or day of entertainment is usually organized according to its theme. Recent themes include:                            

  • Carnival (mardi gra)             

  • Fiesta Patronal                            

  • Salsa Nights                          

  • Family fun and games         

The cost is usually $6.00 at the door and our venue has always been the Hot Monkey Love Café (further info below).            

Car Washes

Generally takes place in Chula Vista with a $300.00 profit.

San Diego Latino Film Festival

                    Due to the support we’ve given to the festival in terms of volunteering, we have been given the opportunity to host films and make profit off of it. In 2003, we were given our very first chance to show case a Puerto Rican film, Sudor Amargo, and sold out!!! Since then we have grown to have a day in the festival dedicated to Boricuas. This means the festival will bring Puerto Rican artists to play their music and/or bring dances while the HPR CSYC tables for the day. We hope to make this even bigger and eventually hold a dance / gala where the funds are allocated toward the HPR and CSYC with more emphasis on the scholarship.   




Social Events


  • ice skating
  • movies          


  • haunted mansions (annual event)
  • informal dinners (usually before we scream our lungs out)


  • movies
  • dinner: Puerto Rican restaurants
  • dancing

*just havin’ fun at every event makes all things social*


Upcoming Events


          April 16, 2006 CSYC will be at the House of Puerto Rico (la casita) in Balboa Park between the hours of noon and 4pm to discuss future events.

          The first and third Sunday of each month we will meet in la casita to put together fundraisers, programs, and social events from noon to 4pm.

Congrats College Grads

* all graduates have received a scholarship from the HPR at one point in their college career.
For more information see the scholarship link under the HPR or attend mtgs.

May 2006

  • Amelia Beniquez: BA from SDSU
  • Anthony Annandano: BFA  from New York School of Fine Arts


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