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Introducing Eva Flores,
HPRSD Queen 2009-2010

by Dee Flores

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Puerto Rican FlagWe are pleased to introduce Eva Flores, your new Queen for the House of Puerto Rico San Diego.  Eva Flores is 17 years old and a senior in high school.  She and her family became members of the House of Puerto Rico San Diego in 2006.  In 2008 Eva became an active participant in House of Puerto Rico San Diego’s youth program and HPR Queens Organization

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Two of Eva’s favorite hobbies are singing and dancing.  She gets to do both with House of Puerto Rico’s youth program.  She dances with Las Reinitas Borincanas, HPRSD’s Puerto Rican folkloric dance group.  The group performs traditional dances and songs in Spanish at different venues around San Diego.

Eva continues to learn about Puerto Rican culture and about the importance of giving and helping others.  HPRSD’s youth program and HPR’s Queens Program have given Eva many opportunities to help people in the community.  Las Reinitas Borincanas often visit and perform at retirement centers, assist with feeding the homeless, and have performed folkloric dances as entertainment for local Blood Drives for the San Diego Blood Bank.

Last year Eva had the opportunity to become one of HPRSD’s Princesses.  She loved it!  As a Princess for House of Puerto Rico San Diego and HPR Queens Program, she learned that being a Princess is more than just a fancy title.  It meant leaning about your culture, getting involved in the youth program, doing community service projects and helping others, public speaking, attending meetings and greeting the public.  She learned to be more responsible, to represent House of Puerto Rico with pride and to be a role model to younger kids.

Eva feels honored to have been voted HPRSD’s Queen for 2009-2010.  Eva will continue participating with the youth program and hopes to follow the examples of past Queens, Daisy Cruz, Vianka Jolie, and Veronica Ramirez.

Eva is looking forward to a great senior year and lots of fun with her HPRSD family.  She plans to go to college and major in Music/Theater.


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