Scholarship Committee's Mission

“The House of Puerto Rico San Diego is dedicated to motivating, supporting, and empowering our community via education and community service.”

About Doña Casilda Pagán

Casilda Pagán co-founded La Casa de Puerto Rico in 1972 and became its first president. Doña Casilda was born in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico and moved to San Diego in 1967.


All applications must be signed, dated, and submitted electronically to no later than July 31st, (of the applying year) 12:00 am. No late submissions will be accepted.

Doña Casilda Pagan & Kelvin S. Carlisle Scholarship

Scholarship Application

Important Date:

  • Scholarship Application Deadline, Monday, July 31, 2024

Scholarships are awarded yearly. Interested applicants should submit the following information:

·      Completed application.

·       Personal Essay (250 word minimum) including the following information:        

       - Your educational / vocational goals.        

       - Your financial needs.          

       - Describe how you will contribute community service through    the  House of Puerto Rico San Diego.        

       - Describe community service history.

·       Copy of institution acceptance letter; or class schedule for upcoming 2023-2024 college/educational/vocational, institution; or proof of current enrollment in a college/ educational /vocational institution.

·       Proof of most recent academic achievement.  

        -- Those already attending a college / vocational program must submit a transcript showing all courses / grades completed to date.  

        -- High school seniors must submit most recently completed semester grades with cumulative GPA (no GPA minimum required).  

        -- If over five years in the past, contact us to discuss.  

        -- If these cannot be provided, contact us to discuss.

·       One letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, employer, or community leader on company letterhead and dated within the past year.

·      Any additional materials, which you believe may enhance your application (i.e., full transcripts, awards, community service, etc.).

Please click below link  nrxt to the picture  that shows "Downloads", to download the application.