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House of Puerto Rico San Diego had their annaul General Membership Elections on Saturday, November 7, 2020.   

For the first time HPRSD history the elections were held via Zoom instead at La Casita in Balboa Park, San Diego, CA. Due to the Covid-19.

There was a huge turnout via Zoom close to 30 HPRSD members attended the meeting.

New 2021 HPRSD Executive Board:

President Elect: Tony Flores, elected for the 3rd straight year and his 5th term as president in 10 years and 9 total years on the executive board.


Vice President Elect: Louis Williams elected and his first executive board position going into the 2021 campaign. A promising superstar for the HPRSD.


Secretary Elect: Dee Flores elected for the 3rd striaght year and her 8th term as secretary in 11 years. 


Treasurer Elect: Joe Carballo elected for the 5th striaght year.  


We congratulate our outgoing Vice-President, Vannessa Patrick as she ends her run as VP on the executive board for 4 straight years.  We are all proud of her service in helping keep the HPRSD running smoothly and relevent financially.  Vice-President, Vannessa Patrick should go into the Hall of Fame for what she has done as our VP and for the HPRSD.  


Election resuts for 3 Board of Directors positions:

These three positions on the board of directors is for a 3 year term. One out of the three will be elected by the Borad of Directors to be on the new executive board starting in January 2021 as a trustee from the board of directors. The new trustee will report to every executive board monthly meetings and assist in all HPRSD events and vote in all executive board business matters.

New 2021 to 2023 Board of Diretcor Members:

Board of Director Elect: Wanda Ivette Hector

Board of Director Elect: Martin Crespo 

Board of Director Elect: Cassie Pagan

We are looking for new blood to help run our HPRSD organization for the 2022 year on the executive board. The next election is Saturday, November 6, 2021. If you are interested in running please come to our executive board meetings and we will show you the ropes.  You will be learning from the best and are seasoned veterans with wealth of executive board experience. To run you just have to be a member of HPRSD for 1 year or more.