Welcome to Borinquen in

San Diego

Welcome to Borinquen in

San Diego

Preserving Heritage, Embracing Unity: House of Puerto Rico San Diego, Where Traditions Thrive and Communities Unite.

Preservando el Patrimonio, Abrazando la Unidad: Casa de Puerto Rico San Diego, Donde Las Tradiciones Prosperan y Las Comunidades Se Unen.

Preserving Heritage, Embracing Unity: House of Puerto Rico San Diego, Where Traditions Thrive and Communities Unite.

Preservando el Patrimonio, Abrazando la Unidad: Casa de Puerto Rico San Diego, Donde Las Tradiciones Prosperan y Las Comunidades Se Unen.

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Bright colorful houses line the hills overlooking the beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico



Mission Statement

At the House of Puerto Rico San Diego (HPRSD), our mission is to serve as a vibrant cultural hub and welcoming home for individuals of Puerto Rican descent, whether visiting or choosing to become members. Rooted in the heart of San Diego, we are dedicated to preserving, celebrating, and promoting the rich heritage, traditions, and achievements of the Puerto Rican community, fostering a sense of belonging, pride, and unity while sharing the spirit of Puerto Rico with our beloved city.

Vision Statement

Our vision at HPRSD is to create a warm and inclusive space where individuals of Puerto Rican descent feel a deep sense of 'welcome home' upon entering our doors. Rooted in the vibrant tapestry of San Diego's diverse communities, we aspire to be the heart of Puerto Rican culture, inspiring connections, celebrating diversity, and nurturing a legacy of greatness for generations to come, all while sharing the beauty and vibrancy of Puerto Rico(Boriqua) with our beloved city.

Value Statement

At the House of Puerto Rico San Diego (HPRSD), we celebrate our heritage and inclusivity, connecting with our community through impactful initiatives and fostering educational empowerment. We prioritize professionalism, resilience, and unity, balancing high standards with our team's well-being. Embracing adaptability and the lessons from challenges, we strive for excellence within a supportive and understanding environment, dedicated to cultural preservation, inclusivity, and making a positive community impact.

news and announcements

Latino Heritage Lawn Program

Last year five Latino Houses Collaborated on a first ever Latino Heritage Lawn Program. The plans are in the works for another one!

Date: Saturday, September 21, 2024

Time: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Location: International Cottages

Featuring: Entertainment and traditional cultural foods.

La Casita Volunteer Hosting

We need volunteers to host our La Casita for every Saturday & Sunday accept for holdays.

  • The hosting times are for 5 hours from 11am to 4pm
  • If you like to host please choose a date of the month you would like to volunteer.
  • Email hprsd@houseofpuertorico.com and we will match you up with another volunteer.

Queens Court Nominations

Did you know that each of Balboa Parks International Cottages hosts a Queens Court?

Are you in junior high or high school (we have Pee Wee Princesses too) and of Puerto Rican decent or love our culture enough to consider being a part of our Queens Court? Check out our Queens Court Selection Criteria and Process. Email us at hrpsd@HouseofPuertoRico.com to request more information. Put in the re: box QUEENS PROGRAM.

Upcoming Events





Acceptance of

Queens Court nominations

July 16th

HPRSD Book Club

RSVP at ​BookClub@houseofpuertorico.com to ​receive the video link.

July 31st

HPRSD Scholarships Applications Due


Join us as we discuss fiction and non-fiction books that are set in Puerto Rico, ​about Puerto Rico or Puerto Ricans, or written by Puerto Rican authors.

Meetings are held on Zoom, usually on the third Tuesday of the month at 7pm.

RSVP at bookclub@houseofpuertorico.com to receive the Zoom link.

Our upcoming books are below:

July 16: Bodega Dreams by Ernesto Quinonez

September 10: Puerto Rico: The Trials of

the Oldest Colony in the World

by José Trías Monge

Our book selections are chosen by group participants. Most are also available as audiobooks. We welcome suggestions for future books. We are ​currently looking for suggestions, so PLEASE let us know of any books you're interested in reading!

Viernes Social at La Casita:

Salsa Dance Lessons

Final Class Taught By Miss Pearl,

Friday July 19, 2024

  • Beginner Salsa Lessons 6:30pm - 7:30pm
  • Dancing 7:30pm - 8pm.

So, bring your dancing shoes as the amazing ​Miss Pearl Carrington will conduct the classes.

Only 10 spots available, so register below to ​secure yours. Tickets are only $10 per person, ​get yours while you can!

The House of Puerto Rico San Diego awards annually the Doña Casilda ​Pagán & Kelvin S. Carlisle Educational/Vocational Scholarship. This year we ​are honored to have two additional scholarships to award, they are the Dr. ​William Adorno Educational Scholarship and the Dr. Ana Zentella ​Educational/ Vocational Scholarship.

These scholarships are being offered to high school seniors/ graduates or ​college/post-graduate students. The applicant must be a current active ​member of the House of Puerto Rico San Diego or a San Diego County ​resident of Puerto Rican descent, who has contributed at least 10 hours of ​community service through HPRSD within the last year. If you need to ​complete your volunteer hours please contact at ​Scholarship@HouseofPuertoRico.com.

With thse awards, we hope to assist in the attainment of our peoples ​educational and professional goals. Interested applicants should download ​the application below:

Scholarship Application Deadline, Monday, July 31, 2024

Doña Casilda Pagan & Kelvin S. Carlisle ​Scholarship

Doña Casilda Pagan & Kelvin S. Carlisle ​Scholarship

Investing in Our Future

Important Date:

May Seasonal Typography
March Seasonal Typography

Advertise with Us

Business Cards

3.5x2in - $100

Half Page

8.5x5.5in - $175

Full Page

8.5x11in - $250

Email: hprsd@HouseofPuertoRico.com

Conozca a nuestra junta ejecutiva

- Meet Our Executive Board -

Conozca a nuestra junta ejecutiva

- Meet Our Executive Board -

Tony Flores

President / Presidente

Louis Williams

Vice President / Vice Presidente

Aliyah Ortiz

Secretary / Secretaria

Wanda Ivette Hector

Treasurer / Tesorera

Ellie Ramos

Trustee / Fideicomisaria​

Gallery / Galería

Miembros • Familia • amigos


Dia de san juaN

puerto rican dominos



How You Can Help

- Cómo puedes ayudar -

There are countless ways you can help us fulfil our mission.

You can make a donation (however big or small), join our fundraiser events, or ​volunteer your time.



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*Household: 1-2 adults plus children under 18

**Supporter: Does not require Member to be local or required to perform the 10 hours of annual volunteer service.

Note: Membership dues are tax deductible 501(c)3.

Our merch store is live!

Our merch store is live!

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Kindly be informed that the House of Puerto Rico San Diego operates as a nonprofit organization. As such all purchases made through the third-party merchandise store support our mission of preserving and promoting Puerto Rican Culture.


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