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The House of Puerto Rico San Diego (HPRSD) is a non-profit cultural and social organization established under the laws of the state of California for the purpose of sharing and communicating the culture of Puerto Rico to the people of California.  Membership is open to all people of good character and of any origin who believe in the principles of liberty and equality among all races and who are in sympathy with the objectives and purposes of the House of Puerto Rico.  Affiliation with HPRSD, also known as La Casa de Puerto Rico (LCDPR), shall not be denied because of race, creed, gender, or national origin.

Membership Benefits

  •   Puerto Rican Fellowship

  •   Increased Cultural Awareness

  •   Discounts To All Of Our Events (many tax-deductible)

  •   Bi-monthly Newsletter, "El Boricua"

  •   Receive "Que Pasa" e-newsletters/e-alerts on upcoming events & news

  •   Opportunities To Make New Friends

  •   Annual Scholarship Program

  •   Discount Advertising Rates In Our Bi-monthly Newsletter

  •   Membership In the House of Pacific Relations International Cottages, Inc.

  •   Networking Opportunities


Membership Dues
Membership Annual Dues are $35.00 Per Year

You become a regular member as soon as you pay the tax-deductible $35.00.  A regular member is one who is eligible to vote, hold office and make motions. Regular members must be current with their dues in order to exercise voting rights.

Other tax-deductible membership options are now available. These are

  • 10-year membership for $250 - lock in the old rate for 10-years

  • Lifetime membership for a onetime cost of $500 - be set once and for all!

Membership Application Form

  • Downloadable PDF file below.

Membership Online Application Forms
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VERY IMPORTANT: For new registrants or to update your information, please make sure to mail (see form below) or email to

We cannot process your membership without the completed 2-page application. Be sure to include the Volunteer Service Selection page.